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Adrian Peterson’s toddler son tragically beaten to death

Adrian Peterson

Son of Adrian Peterson beaten to death by mother’s boyfriend Adrian Peterson has lost his 2-year-old son under violent circumstances. Initial reports from TMZ revealed that the child had been taken to a Sioux Falls, South Dakota hospital after a 911 call was placed from the mother’s apartment.

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President Obama Invites NFLs Abdullah Brothers To White House For Iftar Dinner

Hamza and Husain Abdullah

Brothers Hamza and Husain Abdullah have been invited by President Obama to fly to Washington to attend the annual Iftar dinner the White House.

Donovan McNabb Traded To Minnesota Vikings

No. 5 is on the move. The Washington Redskins agreed Wednesday to trade veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings. Don’t get it twisted – Donovan McNabb is a star. The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have him for 11 years as their QB for shhts and giggles.

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