Tiger Woods, LeBron James Top Forbes’ Celebrity 100

Highly scrutinized but certainly not ignored, Tiger Woods and LeBron James sit among the Top 10 of Forbes Magazine’s annual Celebrity 100 list.

The list is comprised of those celebrities Forbes deems to be the most powerful in entertainment.

While Woods and James are listed, in order, at #6 and #10, there are more athlete favorites that follow….

Kobe Bryant (14)
Roger Federer (25)
David Beckham (35)
Phil Mickelson (35)
Cristiano Ronaldo (43)
Rafael Nadal (46)
Alex Rodriguez (49)
Tom Brady (55)
Dyane Wade (57)
Dwight Howard (59)
Lionel Messi (62)
Derek Jeter (69)
Peyton Manning (72)
Maria Sharapova (80)
Serena Williams (84)
Venus Williams (86)
Danica Patrick (96)

Honorable mentions include:
Jay-Z (38)
Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z is an owner of the New Jersey Nets.

Giselle Bundchen (60)
Super model Giselle Bundchen is married to NFL QB Tom Brady.

Cameron Diaz (81)
Actress Cameron Diaz is dating MLB’s Alex Rodriguez.

Don’t you just love the power of sports?!?

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