Jackie Robinson Celebrated By All of MLB Today

While April 15th was once synonymous with tax day, the tides have changed (at least amongst the sports-minded) and Jackie Robinson is King of the day.

Born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919, Jack, affectionately called “Jackie,” was the first Black man to intergrate the major leagues of baseball.

In 2004, Commissioner Bud Selig turned this day into something amazing and special. Each year, all MLB clubs honor the legacy and memory of Jack Rooselvelt Robinson. All players will wear Jackie’s number 42, and he will be honored before every game. Also, if you visit MLB.com, you will notice that each players number has been listed as 42.

Visit the site I Am 42 to watch videos of players like White Sox pitcher Edwin Jackson and New York Mets 3rd Baseman David Wright speak about what Jackie Robinson means to them. There is also an intro vid from Mr. Robinson’s daughter Sharon, and a vid from Diddy, who was honored at this years Jackie Robinson Foundation Awards Gala, with the ROBIE Achievement in Industry Award.

You can keep up with Jackie Robinson Day on Twitter by following @MLBIAM42.

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