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Opponents trash talk against Carmelo Anthony being recorded

Carmelo Anthony

James Dolan tells Knicks to record audio on MSG court to protect Carmelo Anthony I guess the trash talk against Carmelo Anthony has picked up steam since the Kevin Garnett, cold cereal saga. It seems other players around the league are taking shots at Melo during games in attempt to disrupt his concentration. I can …

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New York Knicks Owner James Dolan Sings ‘Fix The Knicks’ At Live Performance

James Dolan Fix The Knicks

Making fun of oneself can be seen as a sign of great confidence. Making fun of ones own professional sports team, though? Is it a sign of desperation? Insanity? At Jones Beach Theater, New York Knicks owner James Dolan offered up a humorously self-deprecating performance of a song titled “Fix The Knicks,” where he tells …

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