Opponents trash talk against Carmelo Anthony being recorded

Carmelo Anthony

James Dolan tells Knicks to record audio on MSG court to protect Carmelo Anthony

I guess the trash talk against Carmelo Anthony has picked up steam since the Kevin Garnett, cold cereal saga.

It seems other players around the league are taking shots at Melo during games in attempt to disrupt his concentration. I can imagine how many variations of the alleged KG Honey Nut Cheerios comment Melo has heard since that time.

To combat the problem, and to build evidence that could save Carmelo from future punishment from the NBA should another incident occur, New York Knicks owner, James Dolan, reportedly gave orders for microphones to be placed on each end of the court to pick up conversations and comments that may be directed toward or include his star player.

The first try was Friday, against the Chicago Bulls.

How far would you go to protect your company’s greatest asset?


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