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Joe Theismann Joins Anti-Cam Newton Bandwagon

To be honest with you, and I’ve never said this any place else, I don’t think Cam Newton’s a first-round pick… – Joe Theismann This is funny coming from a man who makes all of America cringe with his booth presence and football “analysis.”

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NFLPA ‘Rookie Debut’ Is Class of 2011 Right of Passage

April 28-30th will mark a family reunion of sorts for the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). Players from the past, present, and future will come together in New York City prior to the NFL Draft in an effort to strengthen bonds, forge new relationships, and welcome the incoming players in to the fold.

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Headphone Hoodies? Russell Athletic AUS Says Yes

Russell Athletic Australia has crerated and launched a hooded sweatshirt with built-in headphones that can connect with your MP3 player. Genius or silly? Watch the vid and judge for yourself. I love it! If they add a secure, dedicated pocket for the music device, I’m completely sold. When will these hoodies hit the States and …

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Cam Newton is League Bound

Young Cameron Jerrell Newton has declared for the 2011 NFL Draft. Surprise, surprise. Newton would have been remiss if he didn’t ride this wave to The League. Heisman Trophy? Check. BCS National Title? Check. SEC Defensive Player of the Year, AP Player of the Year? Check, check. Now, its time for the Georgia native to …

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And This Too Is A Sports Quote – David Letterman?

In more Cam Newton news, the newly minted Heisman Trophy winner made a very handsome appearance Monday on the Late Show with David Letterman to deliver the Late Night Top Ten. “The Top Ten Things Cam Newton Can Say Now That He’s Won The Heisman Trophy” was funny…. …but Dave ran with the the show …

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CAMelot – Auburn, Alabama Now Has Royalty of its Own

To say that Cam Newton (no introduction necessary,) is college football’s story of the year is an understatement. Yes, a very deserving and talented team had their hearts broken into a zillion pieces with a devastating loss (sorry, Boise State,) but all stories Newton have captivated our hearts, minds, and Twitter time lines. Saturday, the …

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