Joe Theismann Joins Anti-Cam Newton Bandwagon

To be honest with you, and I’ve never said this any place else, I don’t think Cam Newton’s a first-round pick…

– Joe Theismann

This is funny coming from a man who makes all of America cringe with his booth presence and football “analysis.”

Joe Theismann

Every year, the football experts and pundits find a kid to pick on. This year, projected first pick Cam Newton is their unfortunate victim.

I’ve not heard many concrete arguments against the case for Newton being selected as a top pick in Thursday’s NFL draft. I’ve heard/read attacks on his character, his heart, his (good) looks, his family, and his ability. It has gotten out of hand. Reserve the venom until he gives you a reason to spew. Wait until his NFL career begins and give him a chance to show and prove.

By the way, Joe Theismann, I’m sure the young man isn’t thinking about you. He’ll be able to buy you in a minute.

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