Chris Broussard shuns homosexuality behind his Christian beliefs on ESPN Outside the Lines

Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard says homosexuality is a sin

On ESPN Outside the Lines, Monday, analyst/sideline reporter Chris Broussard joined the discussion of Jason Collin’s “coming out.”

He expressed that if one is “living in unrepentant sin (homosexual, adulteress, or premarital sex,) the one is living in rebellion to God.


In another segment on ESPN, Broussard said,

If this was a superstar coming out, it would have more of an impact. It would be earth shattering. At this point, you know, because he was just a mediocre player, I think it lessens the impact, just a little bit.

    Side note: Calling Collins mediocre, and implying that it is a reason why his announcement carries less weight is ridiculous.

After being so candid, Broussard may now find it difficult to communicate with the players, coaches, and personnel he so heavily relied upon to do his job and report news and stories.

On a day when Jason Collins is largely celebrated for revealing his truth about being gay, Broussard is being showered with animus and venom on social media outlets.

There is already speculation, and some expectation that he will lose his job, in the same vain as his former colleague Rob Parker did after making unnecessary comments about Robert Griffin III.

We will know his fate within the next 48 hours, I’m sure, but until then we must remember that people’s beliefs are varied and everyone is entitled to an opinion — unless you work for a major news outlet.

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