Photos surface of the squalor Robert Swift left behind

Robert Swift

Robert Swift trashed his foreclosed Washington state home before vacating

Robert Swift, as suspected, trashed his foreclosed Washington state home before vacating it under court order.

Swift, a former NBA player, lost the home to auction but refused to leave when the new owner was ready to take claim of the property.

Swift has finally moved out, but what he left behind is a huge mess, including shell casings, beer cans, dirty clothes, and punched holes in the walls.



View more photos of Robert Swift’s trashed home.

There is no word of where Swift went when he left, but it seems he needs some financial assistance and counseling.

One can only speculate the exact causes of his financial downfall. His former high school coach blames Swift’s parents, accusing them of being greedy and pushing the 7’1″ player towards a professional basketball career right out of high school, and clearly before he was ready.

I wonder where mom and pop are now?

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  1. amyjo9

    Wow, that looks SO trashed!! please, you should see my son’s room.

    1. TheLadyGM

      Hmmmmm, if your son’s room looks anything like that (holes in the wall, empty beer and soda cans all around, filthy carpeting, etc.) you should ask him to move out!

    2. amyjo9

      the point is, Robert Swift is just a slob and living like a bachelor. I don’t think he trashed this house like some bitter homeowners do after foreclosure, I think he is just an utter slob. No one has shown any of these supposed “holes” in the wall, so until they show some pix of huge holes or graffiti approaching some of those posted on other sites from bitter homeowners, I don’t believe Robert Swift “trashed” his house. One hour of a cleaning crew and this place would be pretty presentable. This story is phoney and just a way to make a splashy headline and get a lot of hits.

    3. amyjo9

      OK, just saw the video in the related article, looks pretty bad after all. Those two pix in the article don’t do the damage justice. My condolences to the new homeowner.

      1. Rob


        I was wondering why you had not clicked the link to the pics and vid.

        Phony stories won’t be found here.

        Thanks for engaging and I hope you will continue reading the blog!

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