MESS: Kim Kardashian claims to have loved Kris Humphries when she married him

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loved Kris Humphries at time of wedding, so she says

Gearing up for a divorce court showdown, Kim Kardashian was deposed for nine hours Tuesday at her attorney’s office, where she claimed that at the time of their nuptials her love for unwanted hubby, Kris Humphries, was true.

Apparently, The Hump wasn’t there, and the reason for his absence could be because his team, the Brooklyn Nets have been on a road trip and were in Detroit Monday night, then traveled to Dallas to face the Mavericks on Wednesday.

The deposition is taking place because Humphries called foul and wants the marriage annulled, claiming he was duped by Kim for the sake of reality show ratings.

Kim n’em are admitting to no such thing, and wants a divorce, which Kris has been unwilling to grant her.

Somewhere in all of this mess lies the silly truth, and in Kim’s belly lies Kanye West’s baby, so they need to hurry up and settle all of this before Kris becomes this baby’s daddy.


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