Beyonce owns Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance


Beyonce delivers on Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show performance

Beyonce gave the people what they wanted during Sunday’s Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The Beyonce Bowl is what its being called on social media, and rightfully so.

Bey, clad in leather and lace courtesy of designer Rubin Singer, gave a 12 minute set in which she ran through a medley of her hits including “Love On Top”, “End of Time”, and “Halo”.

The highlight of the performance was an appearance by her besties, Destiny’s Child group members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who joined her to sing a string of DC songs and the hit anthem, “Single Ladies”.

It was nice to see them all together on stage again. They looked great. They only downside is that we could not hear them very well.

A new Destiny’s Child album of new material and a reunion tour can cure that, though. (cough, cough)

Kudos to Suga Mama, Beyonce’s all-female band, and her phenomenal dancers. They are a PERFECT example of what hard work can produce.

Watch the full performance below…

There have been whispers that the Queen of Creole will soon announce a world tour which might or might not be called “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”

Let me start a new Smarty Pig account for those tickets!


  1. don

    The Beyonce Bowl. Lol.

    When is the last time a singer (male or female) commanded such worldwide attention in the astounding manner in which Beyonce does? Michael Jackson? Prince? The Rolling Stones? The Beatles? Madonna? Elvis?

    She’s so impressively built (nowadays) that I hardly remember her to be a member of Destiny’s Child.


    1. TheLadyGM

      She set the bar VERY high. I cannot wait to see who they select next year. Someone will have huge shoes to fill.
      I’d still like to see a DC3 reunion tour, tho. 😉

      R.S. Young/The Lady GM
      Blog Mistress, Ballertainment.com
      Twitter: @Ballertainment

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