Kobe Bryant blesses Twitter with his presence

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant comes back to “da Twitta”

Kobe Bryant has a Twitter account again.

The buzz began about 10 PM last night when Stiletto Jill scooped everyone with the news.

His handle is @KobeBryant, so feel free to follow him if you are a fan or even if you are an antagonist. Y’all know Mamba thrives off his haters.

Last week, KB took over the @nikebasketball account to promote latest shoe. It was obviously a teaser to what was to come.

His first and only tweet thus far reads….

I think I was the sixth or seventh person to follow him last night, and now he has over 126,000 followers. For all you blue check feigns, his account was verified a little over an hour ago. How soon before he hits the mill ticket?

His timing is great as this news ads hype to tonight’s much anticipated inter-city battle for LA dominance between the Clippers and Lakers at Staples Center. I know it will be star-studded. Courtside seats are going as high as $8000.00 a pop.

The game tips off at 10:30 ET on ESPN.

Turn up, LA!

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