Hurricane Sandy victims get help from Tyson and Kimberly Chandler

Tyson and Kimberly Chandler

Tyson and Kimberly Chandler lend a helping hand to victims of Hurricane Sandy

As an athlete, there is a certain level of responsibility to the city in which you play.

It usually involves winning (duh), being fan-friendly, and being an asset to the community. Sometimes, though, the latter takes on unexpected meaning.

When Hurricane Sandy had her way with the eastern seaboard, she left devastation, inconvenience, and great loss. New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler and his wife, Kimberly, not only took notice, they took action.

The couple visited the Far Rockaways neighborhood of Queens, New York and decided to start the Rebound for Rockaway/Rebound for New York campaign to raise money and collect supplies for those in need.

Watch video of Tyson and Kimberly visiting ‘The Rockaways.”

You can donate to the Chandler’s relief efforts HERE.


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