Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons give us a taste of what they will bring to NBA Countdown

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons join KIA NBA Countdown on ESPN

It’s official.

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons will be the newest additions to the KIA NBA Countdown on ABC.

Rose and Simmons will join Magic Johnson and Mike Wilbon in studio for this season’s analysis and banter, replacing Chris Broussard and Jon Barry (both of whom will remain with ESPN).

I am interested to see how this cake gets baked. Simmons, as you will learn in the video below, was never a fan of Magic Johnson, the basketball player, so it will be interesting to see how he responds to the Hall of Famer as a colleague.

As an aside, I wonder what Bill was thinking while Jalen was holding that bat the entire time the were talking….

Moving along, Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons are each known for their candidness and harsh doses of reality, but it won’t take long for the viewing public (just check Twitter) to decide whether or not this new crew will work. Case in point, Shaquille O’Neal’s first NBA on TNT broadcast had people tweeting for the return of Chris Webber, and that probably won’t change much this season.

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