Terrell Owens deserves another chance because we all do

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens has been welcomed back to the NFL via a one-year, $1 million-dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks granted Owens a workout Monday, and promptly brought him on to bolster their receiving corp, which also includes the recent addition of Braylon Edwards.

Owens will turn 39 in December, and he is ow the oldest active player in the league, trailed only by Green Bay Packer’s veteran wideout Donald Driver, who is age 37. Terrell’s age will only be a factor if he under performs. Should he have a tremendous impact on the team through his play, and they make it to the post-season, his elder statesman status will be overlooked.

It seems most are concerned about his behavior, though, and with good reason. He’s been no ones Prince Charming in various locker rooms over the years, and that reputation now precedes him. Add to that his much publicized child support issues and the Allen Wranglers debacle and there is no wonder this signing looks like a long-shot bet one might take in Vegas.

With that said, Owens deserves a shot at redemption; a chance to add a shiny top coat to his already stellar career; lets be honest — it had begun to dull a bit.

Owens’ numbers don’t lie (he is bested by Jerry Rice in career receiving touchdowns) and his productivity and work ethic cannot be questioned, but what he needs to do is quiet the chatter about his character. We’re hoping all that glitz, glamour and “me, me, me” was a phase. We’re hoping he can glide into the Hall of Fame as a man who rose above his own attrition to be remembered as one of football’s most talented wide receivers, ever.

There is excitement surrounding this signing. Owens is ready to play and very grateful, and he has many friends and supporters who feel the same.

The Seahawks open the regular season at the Arizona Cardinals, and the Card’s fairly young corners will be tested. T.O. is out to prove what he’s been saying all along — that he can still play.

You can follow him HERE on Twitter. Buckle up.

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