Louis Vuitton enlists Yasiin Bey to honor Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is subject of new Louis Vuitton ad campaign

Louis Vuitton enlisted Yasiin Bey, known in a previous life as Mos Def, to honor Muhammad Ali via quoted prose, with a digital campaign titled “The Greatest Words.”

In addition to Ali being the known as the greatest, most revered athlete, he is also known for his poetic bravado, which he used to charm his audiences and disarm his detractors and opponents.

According to The Root:
Vuitton’s project seeks to highlight Ali’s historic journey over time while staying true to promoting the art of travel.

Two of the five videos for the campaign are below:

Here is an image from the campaign of Ali and his four-year-old grandson, C.J., son of daughter Laila and former NFL player turned sports analyst, Curtis Conway. This image is instantly iconic.

Louis Vuitton Interactive

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