SNEAK PEEK: Evelyn Lozada’s tearful interview with ABC Nightline

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada sits down with ABC News’ Amy Robach for “Nighline” to talk about her split from Chad Johnson

After a domestic violence incident ended her 41 day marriage to Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada breaks her silence and confesses, “I still love him.”

WATCH a portion of her tearful interview after you advance the ball…
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I think the allure of fame has gotten a knocked down a few pegs because of Chad and Evelyn’s “saga” (for lack of a better term). Neither of them stands to gain anything from this. They are not speaking to one another and both their lives have changed forever.

Sympathetically speaking, I hate to see Evelyn in so much pain, but there will be many people who look at this interview and think “you reap what you sow” — not in terms of the physical assault she endured, but because of the way she conducted herself and the manner in which she treated others on national television. I commend her for sticking to her convictions and doing what is best for herself and setting an example for her daughter.

Chad may very well never see another snap in the NFL, but his life must go on as a parent and perhaps as a mentor with a strong cautionary tale for others athletes or people in positions of power and influence. He has so much personality and talent that he can hopefully channel into better things for future.

My Twitter timeline is sure to be ablaze tonight as this interview airs tonight at 11:35 PM.


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  1. Breeze Mack

    she is full of it

    1. Rob


      I’ll be honest. As a woman, I never want to go against another woman’s pain or suffering, especially in matter of domestic violence, but in this case, I do hold a minute level of skepticism.

  2. Jack Mann

    please evelyn save the tears.  when you were jumping on females it was ok. you were not to concern about what your daughter thought then so  why now?  you are not the victim.  we are for acting like you are a star or someone of iimpotance.  six months from now, you will be with another baller.  so stop it.

    1. Rob

      Jack, you are not the only one who thinks she will end up with another baller. I am not so sure, though. I would venture to say she has had her fill. Now, a business man with money, maybe older? That sounds feasible.

  3. Bdriley

    She’s such a non-muthaf****** factor

    1. Rob

      Tell us how you fell, BD! She may have never imagined that the phrase she made popular would be turned around and used against her.

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