adidas presents The Return of Derrick Rose

the return of derrick rose

The Return of Derrick Rose

Are you waiting for the return of Derrick Rose?

Certainly, you aren’t alone. I am waiting too, and so is my momma, and my pops, and, well, you get the idea.

On April 28, 2012, the glass became half empty. Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL in game 1, round 1, of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs.

The Windy City and all its Chicago Bulls fans were left hurting and stunned. As for Rose? He now admits tearing his ACL was “the closest thing to death.”

Fast forward about four months (it seems so much longer), after surgery and in the midst of rehabilitation, Derrick Rose can see the light.

Luckily, adidas has been and will continue to be there to ensure we all get to see it, too.

#TheReturn will chronicle Derrick Rose’s quest for an NBA comeback, including the ups and downs, in a series of videos you’ll be able to follow on YouTube and Twitter.

The premiere video can be seen below…

D. Rose says he’s all in. Are you?

Follow Derrick Rose on his personal Twiiter page.

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