VIDEO: Ray Allen’s pregame routine a study in perfection

There is a reason Ray Allen leads the NBA in all-time three point shooting. He’s relentless in his pursuit.

Dedication to one’s craft most certainly equates to longevity and success and Ray is a prime example of such.

I asked a source close to the NBA star about the number of shots he puts up before each game and was told,

It depends on what he is working on. It’s not quantity, but quality. He always practices shots he knows he will take in the game; and practices them as if he is in the game.

Boston Celtics team photographer Brian Babineau captured Allen’s pregame routine in short film form.

Advance the ball to witness focus, greatness, and one of the most beautiful jump shots you’ll ever see in basketball.

The Routine

Soul clap for NESN


  1. Bigwaile

    the best shooter ever. Jesus, JESUS !

    1. Rob

      Yes, he is — in my opinion.

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