NBA puts players fashion choices on display in new video


Unless you’ve been under a rock, or decline to watch post-game coverage, you are aware that NBA players have been expressing themselves in various, and some might add, questionable, fashionable ways.

Tailored blazers, slim-fitted colorful pants, hand-made fabric boutonnieres, printed collared shirts and nerd eyewear are a few current menswear pieces of choice. The days of jerseys and chains are lonnnnnnng gone.

The National Basketball Association has taken notice too (well, they sort of forced the players hands by implementing a dress code in 2005), bringing us a video, complete with boutique hotel lobby music….

The NBA isn’t alone in its observation. Publications like L’Uomo Vogue and GQ have placed NBA players like Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony on their covers or in fashion spreads.

Standouts from this vid (in my opinion) are Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, D. Wade and D. Rose. Consider me a classic suit and tie kinda gal.

On another note, did they have to clown Andre Miller like that?

Allow that man the joys of being stuck in a time warp for as long as he wants. 🙂

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