Stalkers making life uneasy for Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson

It may elicit a chuckle when you hear that Chicago Bulls players Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson have a stalker problem, but its no laughing matter.

According to Terez Owens, a set of best friends are the culprits.

Coincidentally, Rose and Gibson are both expecting babies with their respective girlfriends, and the stalkerettes (allegedly named Dona and Tenille) are quite unhappy about it.

Could it be that these two women have history with the players? Maybe it was a one-time double date, or more realistically, a “my boy is coming to hang out, so bring one of your girls” type of situation.

Yeah, I said it.

Whatever the case, between Bulls security and NBA security, it will be handled.

There appear to be a few pics of these chicks floating around the internet, but without conformation I won’t post them.

These heffas (not heifers, HEFFAS)) are a distraction and I wish all parties involved a peaceful, safe resolution.

Now, go BULLS!

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