VIDEO: Lovie Smith pledges support for President Obama

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith lent his support to the re-election of President Barack Obama in a video you can watch after you advance the ball…

President Obama himself launched the campaign in February to mark African-American History Month. WATCH.

I read some negative comments about Coach Smith’s video, including accusations of racism. It’s unfortunate that people look down upon like-races of people who seek to support one another.

In my experience, it is natural for people to gravitate to and support their own. What I find unnatural is for people to refuse to support someone of another race FOR THAT VERY REASON.

I respect those that choose to support candidates who are seeking to challenge the president. Get involved in a way that works best for you.

By the way, Coach Smith’s wife is caucasian, as well as his bosses and his starting quarterback. Stop trippin’.

To join African-Amerians for Obama click HERE.