TWEET WATCH: NBA Players Wax Poetic About Lockoout Continuance

The NBA lockout continues and there are some honest, interesting and entertaining responses from the players…..

I’d like to know if ALL the players spoke to their respective team reps prior to the vote this morning and is there true solidarity. ¬†After reading various tweets, I’m not so sure.

Kris will be enjoying that scenery for a little while longer now….

Never would've thought this lockout would go this long and be this difficult to get thru time to maybe consider other options
Marcus Thornton
Disappointed bout how things turnin out but I will use this time Wise.. Goin Back 2 School & Finishin my Degree
Daniel Gibson

Boobie will return to school…..

No money. Ok. I grew up with no money. There's nothin new!
Kemba walker


ppl i would never compare my job to a teacher or a Doc... that job is more valuable..we do make more only cuz of u the fans!!!
Austin Daye
It's crazy how dude talk down on us!
DeMar DeRozan

My sentiment exactly, Brian……

Think I'm about to go back to @ and start on my masters
Quincy Pondexter
Basketball players = losing.Basketball wives = winning. #nowthatshitkray
Derrick Brown

Let the church say Amen!

What was the deal at before the 57% ?
Derrick Williams

No offense, but Derrick Williams’ tweet leads me to believe that perhaps the union did not school the current players on the history of the league’s labor disputes. ¬†Wouldn’t that information help one make a more informed decision in the end?

Be strong guys.







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