LeSean McCoy To Rosenhaus: You’re Not My Agent, Ok, Yes You Are

This is the stuff soap operas are made of.

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy fired and hired his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, in the same day.

McCoy went so far as to file the “separation” papers with the NFLPA.

That didn’t last long, though. ┬áRosenhaus fought hard to win his client back. ┬áThat legendary mouthpiece of his went to work and McCoy had a change of heart.

So much so, that this is what he tweeted when all was said and done….

Everything happens for a reason Drew Rosenhus BEST AGENT OUT!!!!!
Lesean McCoy

Not only does Rosenhaus have to work on the Eagles front office to get DeSean Jackson a new contract, he has to go to bat for LeSean McCoy too.

Oh, if only I could be a ladybug on the wall during THOSE negotiations.

Drew Rosenhaus keeps the pot stirred!


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