REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 3, Move To Miami

“That’s what’s been happening to my Duracells.”

Remember that quote.

Terrell Owens is handling his rehab like a champ, but clearly it’s not easy. As he goes through his exercises he grimaces but when its over, his therapist encourages him to stand up for the first time since surgery. That must have felt like new shoes to him because he broke out the kool-aid grin. I love when he smiles. He has some pretty teeth.

He and Kita leave Pensacola to go to Miami and once they land at the airport, Kita tries to insist Terrell use his crutches, but he’s not on that. Are you surprised? T.O. is one of the most image conscious athletes ever and the thought of having people see him hobbling around in public is out of the question.

When they arrive to the Miami condo, Monique is there.

This is the first time Mo and T.O. have seen each other since their battle.

Mo takes the initiative to hug Terrell who barely hugs her back, then he checks her out, head to toe. She looks great after shedding the baby weight and she knows it.

But, that attitude is still poppin’.

Mo goes in on Kita, running down the list of what she’s lacking, i.e. kids, a man, a life. Is it me or is Mo jealous of Kita’s single girl freedoms?

Kita returns fire letting Mo know that she was there holding Terrell down and that Mo could keep her “salt” to herself.

Mo has a lot going on at home with her family and makes it seem like what Kita has been doing is not as important.

Terrell lets Mo know that it wasn’t cool to go at Kita the way she did because she was the one who was there to help him when no one else was around. I count emptying someone’s urine bottle as five diamond service. Kita has all my respect.

Later, Terrell tries to reach his financial manager, and the man is no where to be found. That would have me hot like fire. You’re managing my wealth, which is in turm feeding your family, and I can’t get you on the phone? No, Sir. You need to be able to pull a phone out of thin air or your tail.

Terrell’s money woes seem to be mounting, he learned his credit has been affected and he’s hurt and frustrated. Obviously, he’s not bringing in the same money he once was. He’s not even playing. But, the bills still need to be paid. Terrell cries.

Jeff Johnson (BET, CNN, MSNBC) comes by to speak to Terrell about his finances at Kita’s request. T.O. opened up to Jeff and even spoke of a friend who stole from him.

Jeff stressed the importance of Terrell finding the right people to manage his money and the seeking the type of people as friends who share his values and goals.

But, guess what? After he meets with Terrell, Jeff takes Kita out on a dinner date.

They talk about Kita’s ex, Joe. Remember him from last season? Joe admitted to Kita that he was still married and that ended their relationship.

As Kita starts chugging wine, she opens up more to Jeff, and this time its about her sex life. Kita expressed that there was no man who was getting her where she needed to go. “I can find myself with some batteries and a toy,” she says. Jeff responds with, “You’re a slave to the double A’s.”

Kita even gave her toy a name — Ted. Jeff lets her know that she needs to let loose and could use a couple of “sessions.” There was a lot of grown folks energy swirling at that table

She and Jeff ended the night with a kiss, at least that’s all we saw. 🙂

Back at the condo, Mo and T.O. play Connect Four and when Kita returns (tipsy) from her date, she tries to go straight to her room.

Mo and T.O. want the deets on the date. Kita is tight lipped, though. Look at that silly look on her face. Priceless.

Check out these bonus clips from this weeks show:

Check back next week for the recap of episode 4.

The T.O. Show airs Mondays on VH1 at 9:30 ET.

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