REPLAY: La La’s Full Court Life, Season 1, Episode 3, The Trade

It was NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles but the hot topic for La La and Carmelo was the pending trade scenario. La La explains to her cousin Dice that the decision of where Melo will play could go down to the wire (although now we know he is a member of the New York Knicks).

Melo was chosen as a starter for the All-Star game and a private party was held for him at West Hollywood restaurant Philippe.

The next night, La La hosts Dice, Po, at the LA house for dinner where more trade discussion continues and little Kiyan even voices his opinion about where his daddy should play.

La La doesn’t want to talk about the trade so she goes thru Po’s phone and see’s Denver Nuggets player Gary Forbes’ number, but Po has a long time girlfriend so they tease her about Gary. La La jokes that she has never seen Po blush over a guy.

At the dinner table, everyone tries to get into Dice’s business. Dice is in school in Carolina, and the crew wants to know if she has a special he/she but she gets shy and blushes through the interrogation. Eventually, Dice admits to being in a relationship. Its clear that Dice is the secret squirrel of the group.

Still concerned about the trade, La La visits the office of good friend 50 Cent. La La and 50 are close friends and he is doing all he can to help her succeed. He put her in a movie with Val Kilmer and set it up for her to do some consulting for Coca Cola. Brand La La is growing fast.

After talking business, they talk relationships and 50 admits he’s not as confident in his personal life as he is his business life. He makes it clear that he’s not lonely, though. 50 gets it in.

La La then expresses concern about how all the trade talk is affecting she and Melo’s personal life. 50 tells her to keep her concerns to herself hold it all down for Melo so will feel less worried and more comfortable about the situation.

After the weekends festivities, Melo and La La head back to Denver and on the way to airport< Melo's agent calls to say he has been traded to the Knicks.

In New York, Melo plays his first Knicks game then immediately goes on the road. Meanwhile, La La meets with her mom, Carmen, to discuss the move.

Her mom expresses concern about their safety and Kiyan’s adjustment to the big city. La’s phone starts blowing up with ticket requests, etc. from family and friends and her mom suggests she and Kiyan go out for some quality time alone. La La takes Kiyan out for a walk and to Dylan’s Candy Bar for a treat.

They go to Times Square, and become hounded by the paparazzi. Fans greet them and welcome them, but it all became too much for Kiyan. Poor baby, he had a meltdown.

Next week, there is more crazy adjustment to life in New York as La La continues to deal with requests from family and friends and I’ll be here with the recap.

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