REPLAY: La La’s Full Court Life, Season 1, Episode 2

In this episode, La La travels to Los Angeles for a gig as a red carpet host during The Critics Choice Movie Awards. Its also Kelly Rowland’s 30th birthday and La La has lots of plans to help her celebrate.

After her red carpet walk through at the Hollywood Palladium, she spends some time at the LA house with Po and Dice (her cousin) while they wait for Kelly to arrive. La La gets all riled up when she comes across a dead crow in her front yard, and being the girly girl she is, Po and Dice take the opportunity to terrorize her with the carcass.

I’m sorry, but I would have called animal control or Streets and San. Dice said the bird could have had ebola. While that was a comical stretch, the bird really could have been carrying something, in addition to the fact that other crows could have gone on the attack trying to protect their own. That bird would have stayed right there in the grass.

Next, they take Kelly to the shooting range and then the tattoo parlor.

If you’ve never been to the shooting range, it’s an exhilarating experience. Scary? Yes, but good as a form of stress relief. Oh, and there are usually hunky men there.

Kelly gets her first tattoo with the word “masterpiece,” which she chose because “its scripture” and “God looks at us all as a masterpiece.” Serena Williams showed up with granny-like disapproval, siting Leviticus, where God warns against marring our bodies. The exact scripture is Leviticus 19:28 if you wanna check it out. The tattoo artist said, “we can throw Serena out” which elicits laughter.

By the way, I love Serena’s hair and big shades in this ep.

Spending a day with that crew looks like big fun. I know they talk smack to each other.

Next, La La’s agent and manager pay her a visit to discuss her red carpet gig and her acting career.

Basically, they visited to light a fire under her tail. If La La wants to enjoy a successful acting career, she must be more committed. She’s jumping in the game late in comparison to her peers, and the competition amongst actresses of color is fierce (although some might say its criminal), so she must come with the funk if she is gonna make it.

At the Critics Choice Movie Awards, La La finds out her stylist is running late and stuck in traffic, so she is in jeopardy of missing her red carpet call time. This seems like dramatics to me because a stylist is usually on deck before their talent arrives. Maybe next time, La La will bring back up wardrobe, or better yet, just get a new stylist.

She makes it to the carpet in time enough to have her own pictures taken by the photogs, then her interviews began. Keep in mind, that she’s a pro at this, so everything ran smoothly, and seemingly the highlight of her night was interviewing Jesse Eisenberg, star of the movie The Social Network. She deemed him her “white boy crush”. I could think of a few better choices, but hey, each to her own.

The evening was capped by a sweet text message and vote of confidence from hubby Carmelo Anthony.

Watch the full episode HERE.

Check back next week for the recap of the episode that deal’s with Melo getting traded to the New York Knicks.

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