Cam Newton Gets Sage Advice From Legendary QB’s In GQ Mag

GQ Magazine had the idea to have former, accomplished quarterbacks like Dan Marino and Dan Fouts who also happen to be game analysts this season give advice to Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton. They also shared their “Welcome to the NFL” stories.

Advance the ball for excerpts of two of my favorite responses….

    Troy Aikman, Fox Analyst
    Rookie Season, 1989, Dallas Cowboys

    Aikman’s “Welcome to the NFL” Memory: “My ‘Hey, Rookie’ moment came when we were playing the Philadelphia Eagles and Reggie White for the first time of my career. Reggie broke through the line and I scrambled away from him, something I did about a hundred times to a hundred different defensive linemen in college. I was running in what I thought was the open field, he caught me from behind and dragged me down to the ground. I realized at that moment that if a 280-pound defensive lineman could outrun me, the NFL was a different game than the one I played in college.”

    Rich Gannon, CBS Analyst
    Rookie Season: 1987, Minnesota Vikings

    Advice for Cam: “My advice isn’t so much about football, but rather, the way you conduct yourself on the field, off the field, and in the locker room. One tip that someone told me my first year in the league—never do an interview with the media in front of your locker in nothing but a towel. What that really means is—take your time, get dressed, and collect your thoughts before speaking with the reporters. If you take the fifteen minutes to do that, you’ll be more composed in your responses. Shower, put your suit on, and then address the media. The beat guys will want a comment right away. It’s okay to wait a few minutes to collect yourself.”

I think Cam is well on his way to being the consummate professional and it sounds like he has great support from the QB fraternity. What they’ve said here and what they’ll say in the booth or in studio can be two different things, though, so I’ll be listening closely.

I ride with the Cougars for Cam set. We won’t take harsh criticism lightly. 🙂

For more great answers, read the full article at GQ.com.

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