Kevin Durant Drops 66 At EBC Rucker [VIDEO]


Kevin Durant Rucker Park

63 points.

You read it correctly. Kevin Durant gave the people what they wanted Monday night at The EBC at Rucker Park in New York….

Kevin Durant Rucker Park

Tweets from KD and Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) confirm…

No lie, jus had one of the best times of my life at Rucker park..wow! I love NY...Harlem waddup..S/O my brotha @
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant quoted "I always wanted to play at Rucker Park all my life" so anywhere he shows up now he was paid or ... http://tmi.me/dQ8zl
EBC at Rucker Park

Fat Joe took it all in….

Now, that’s love.

I’m on the hunt for the video, so I’m calling a timeout for now…….

Ok – back to regulation…..

Photos via Twitter/EBC/Source

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