BREAKING: Chad Ochocinco Acquired By New England Patriots

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco is newest addition to Patriots receiving corp

Chad Ochocinco is headed for greener pastures. Thursday, he was traded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the New England Patriots.

First, the Bengals lose their star quarterback (Carson Palmer) to retirement, now their big name receiver is Audi 5000 too….

Seems the Patriots are stacking the deck to make a convincing run at the Super Bowl. The last time the Patriots won a championship was in 2005. Doesn’t seem that long ago, but maybe this gives them a solid chance at reclaiming that glory.

Ochocinco agreed to a restructured 3-year deal; financial terms are not yet available.

As I said regarding Albert Haynesworth’s addition to the Patriots early this morning, Bill Belichick is not for play, so while Marvin Lewis gave Chad a little rope to be his charismatic self, only time will tell how he will fit in at Foxboro. I hope he can find a balance between staying true to his free spirit and helping the team.

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