Is Ines Sainz The Sexiest Sportscaster Around?

There is no doubt that Mexican sportscaster Ines Sainz is as beautiful and sexy as they come.  But, in a world of uber sports professionals such as Pam Oliver, Suzy Kolber, Lisa Salters, and Michele tafoya, how does she rate?

Well, advance the ball to check this video.

On the red carpet she stuns (except for the banana clip in her hair) …..

Consensus is that Ms. Sainz isn’t taken seriously at her craft because she lets it all hang out.  One thing for sure, though, is that she is a go-getter.  If she would commit to strenthening her journalistic game, and accept/admit the fact that her sex appeal is her MAIN appeal, she might be taken a smidgen more seriously.

In the meantime, we are not guaranteed to have NFL games this season and I know for  a fact that on the NFC and AFC champions look forward to seeing Ines Sainz on Super Bowl media day.

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