And This Too Is A Sports Quote: Kevin Durant Isn’t Happy For Nowitzki

When asked of his feelings about Dirk Nowitzki’s success in making it to the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant had this to say….

Um, not happy at all (chuckles, followed by a wide smile and laughter in the room). I’m a competitor, man. You know, I really didn’t care about what he went through the last four years. I know it’s been tough for him, you know. He lost three of the .. four years in the first round. I’m sure he’s happy now he’s going back to the Finals, but I’m not happy for him at all because I wanted to be there. But it happens like that.

I am impressed.

Kevin Durant gets it – it being the temerity needed to be a champion. Durant, at 22 years of age, already has the eye of the tiger and his NBA career is still young. Expect to see him in many more playoff runs. Expect him to dominate the league. Don’t be put off by his statements. He didn’t bow down and offer up some syrupy cliche about Dirk’s deservedness and/or greatness.

Kevin Durant wasn’t impressed, and for that he deserves the upmost respect.

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