NY Yankee Derek Jeter is April’s GQ Mag Cover Candy

Interviewed by GQ’s Seth Mnookin, Jeter opens up about his All-Star, championship rich career, and his personal life.

On his secret to a clean image and success….

    “My parents always told me, ‘There’s always going to be someone that’s better,’ ” he says. “But there’s no reason why someone should outwork you. That’s just an excuse.”

On retirement….

    “I think you know when you get there. But I don’t sit here and map it out and say, ‘Okay, five years from now I’m done’—’cause what if you don’t feel that way when you get there?”

On protecting his privacy….

    “I understand the interest,” Jeter says. “I do. I understand people want to know. I get that. And I think in terms of your career, your occupation, they can know anything they want.” When it comes to what he does after hours, though, “some things should be kept private.”

Bass Check! Derek Jeter is always classy and always yummy.

Read the full-featured article HERE.

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