LeBron James Premiers His Cartoon: The LeBrons

Meet Kid, Wise, Business, and Athlete – the characters who make up The LeBrons.

In Episode 1, entitled “The Lion”, Kid and a friend are being terrorized by a neighborhood dog. Business has the solution and enlists the help of a Lion to handle the dog. Kid and his friend don’t think its such a good idea, and in the end the message is ‘two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Theme song lyrics:

    You see the lights, the fame, you see the bling, but you should meet LeBron before his was king.

    Yeah, this is a story kinda like that, my lil’ homey Kid growing up in Akron – trying to be an Athlete we can all Witness

    Hoping he can grow up right and handle business

    Gotta show love to his friends and his fam, world on his back, Wise like an old man

    Cuz if you think he’s just a ball player still pay attention you got it wrong player, for real

    Cuz life isn’t always fun and games. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, LeBron James.

Notable voiceover contibutors are Neicy Nash and Jason Weaver.

1 comment

  1. Rosie Lou15

    I freakin LOVE the Lebrons and Lebron James! Keep it up and bring us a season 2! <3

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