Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Commercial Already at 6 Million Hits

I am a VW Passat driver. I love my car, so this commercial, The Force, probably makes me warmer and fuzzier than most. This spot speaks to the kid in us all. I vividly remember running around the house as a child in my own fantasy land, and there certainly were times when my parents “made things happen” that completely blew my mind. The lil’ fella in this commercial was hilarious in his shock and awe that his “powers” finally worked and the force was with really with him.

This commercial is a winner because it taps into the imagination with a simplicity and pureness that we all want to hold on to – that we can do ANYTHING.

6 million You Tube hits before Super Bowl Sunday? Could this be an unprecedented feat?

Great job Volkswagen. Can’t wait to test drive the new model!

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