Charles Barkley Invades Cyberspace

The good folks over at the Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network decided to launch a Charles Barkley-centered website, CharlesBarkley.com. What say Ballertainment? Ingenious.

Charles Barkley

Charles is one of, if not the funniest and most charismatic sports personalities on the tube. Is he perfect? By no means. But, the man works his shtick like no other. Hands down, the NBA on TNT crew (EJ, Kenny, and Charles) are the most entertaining of any sport. Throw the ever handsome Chris Webber in the mix and its priceless.

Highlights include live chats with Charles, and his “Spanish Word of the Day.” The site consists of many videos from the show, but make no mistake, Charles usually steals it. One of my favorite segments is ‘Who He Play For?” where Charles is asked to name a players current team. You can see for yourself here. Did Kenny really say Ernie looked like Monty Hall? Pure comedy.

The website banner/header could be nicer, and the video archive is missing Barkley’s golfing escapades, but all in all, I think they’re off to a great start.

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