Philadelphia Eagles Give Local Teen Vote of Confidence

Thursday, ABC’s The View had a very emotional segment on bullying. Philadelphia teen Nadin Khoury, 13, was the victim of a vicious attack by a group of schoolmates where he was drug across the snowy ground, placed in a tree, and hung up on a seven foot wrought-iron fence where they left him. Video of the attack, taken by one of the attackers, has been removed from You Tube, most likely for legal reasons. As you can guess, the young assailants are in big trouble, having been arrested during the investigation of this unnecessary crime.

Nadin’s story was given two segments on the show, and in the first segment, he was given the opportunity to tell his story. It seems that this young man was bullied because he was one of the smallest students at the school, and also because his mother is of African descent and has an accent. He told of how he feared for his safety and it was revealed that he and his family have moved.

In segment two, The View cast surprised Nadin and his family with a visit from Philadelphia Eagles stars DeSean Jackson, whom Khoury said was his favorite player on the ream, and linemen Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson.

This was a true tear-jerker, but the joy and confidence given to young Nadin in this moment was priceless.

Stories like this are especially saddening to me, as I was bullied and teased as a child. I never suffered any physical harm, but the emotional toll was heavy. Bullying must be discouraged and stopped at an early age, because more often than is discussed, it carries over into adult life and manifests itself in terrible forms.

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