Marvel Comics Gets Basketball Friendly With The NBA

Marvel Comics (founded in 1939 as Timely Publications, and dubbed Atlas Comics in the fifties) is firmly woven into American fiber. The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men delighted fans both young and old, and still do to this day. To a comic book enthusiast, the Marvel brand is sacred.

Back in October, Marvel teamed up with ESPN The Magazine and the National Basketball Association to produce a series of comic-inspired mag covers featuring league players as super heroes. The collaboration was a big hit.

Now, Marvel Comics and the NBA are partnering again to launch an apparel line.

….Marvel Entertainment LLC and the National Basketball Association are launching a new line of clothing, including caps, T-shirts and sweat shirts, at the upcoming NBA All-Star game later this month. The line pairs famous super heroes with famous NBA teams, including Spider-Man and the Knicks, and features other heroes from Thor to Captain America and Iron Man dressed in NBA team colors.

The line will be introduced during NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

I can’t wait to get a peek. My only hope is that a female character will be added to the mix. How about Candace Parker as Storm?

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