Hair Battle Royale at SB XLV – Matthews vs. Polamalu

Pittsburgh Steeler’s safety Troy Polamalu won’t be the only player hawking hair products in Dallas, TX. According to SportsBiz with Darren Rovell, the beauty products company Suave, has enlisted the locks of Clay Matthews, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, to endorse their men’s hair care product line.

Clay Matthews whips his hair


It is not clear whether there will be a Clay Matthews/Suave commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, but I bet my bottom coin that there will be a Head & Shoulders commercial featuring Polamalu. Head & Shoulders is the official shampoo of the NFL, and pegged Polamalu as the face (and hair) of the product line just before the 2010 season. The deal includes a 1 million dollar policy to insure his hair. Yes, HIS hair.

Troy Polamalu's Mane

If in fact Suave gets their production weight up and churns out a commercial before the big game, I think it would be cool to see which company prevails with the better spot.

I am not one for a man with long hair, but Troy has better flow than most women.

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