And This Too Is A Sports Quote – Charles Woodson

The president don’t want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, guess what? We’re going to see him.” ~ Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers

Charles Woodson

This statement made me chuckle. Isn’t Woody cute? He all but guaranteed a Packers win in Super Bowl XLV. You see, President Obama indicated that he would attend the Super Bowl if the Chicago Bears (his hometown team) made it all the way. Since the Bears’ quest for a ring ended Sunday with a loss to Woodson’s Packers, I guess our beloved POTUS will be watching from the White House.

Championship teams always make a trip to the White House, but the future Hall of Fame cornerback may have to eat his words if they don’t make it past the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Black and Yellow and Wiz Khalifa might be making the trip instead. Well……maybe not Khalifa.

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