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Watch Dr. J “Reign On” for Crown Royal

Dr. J

Dr. J. becomes spokesperson for Crown Royal Julius “Dr. J” Erving is a VIP at Ballertainment, not only because of his legendary basketball status, but because he is the king when it comes to rockin’ the salt and pepper.

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GQ Mag Touts its 25 Coolest Athletes with a Giveaway

The February issue of GQ Mag is going to be FUN and SEXY. The special edition will have 25 covers representing the magazine’s idea of the coolest athletes of all time. If you are a collector this offering is a dream come true. The featured athletes include Muhammad Ali, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, and Arnold …

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Bass Check – Chad Ochocinco

Ochocinco models suits for his Twitter fans NFL wide receiver and Mr. Personality Plus, Chad Ochocinco, was shopping today and blessed his Twitter faithful with a few pics. Chad asked his followers to vote yes/no on five looks. Ballertainment thinks Chad’s bass* is on “10” and we wanted in on the action too. Take a …

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Pass the Salt and Pepper, Please – Dr. J

The Lady has an affinity for salt and pepper facial hair and there are few men who do this most-distinguished look justice as does Mr. Julius Winfield Erving II. In his prime, Dr. J, the Pisces, the native New Yorker, was undeniably talented. He played his college years at UMASS and began his professional career …

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