Stuart Scott, ESPN Rainmaker, Dead at 49

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott passes away at age 49

In early December, sitting alongside her MNF crew, Suzy Kolber tearfully expressed love and support for Scott in what was an eerie foreshadowing of what we learned today.

This morning, with bated breath, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm delivered the news — Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer.

Three times, cancer went to war with Scott, and each time, he resolved to fight back.  He displayed strength and dignity that will lead as an example in the fight for life for years to come.

Most importantly, he taught a great lesson about fatherhood, and his two daughters, Taelor and Sydni, were his greatest inspiration throughout.

Stuart Scott may or may not have known just how inspirational he was to others. It was not only because of the way he fought cancer, but also by the way he carved an indelibal niche in sports and television.

I remember when I first noticed him at the anchor desk on ESPN.  To be honest, I was taken aback by his lexicon.  I wasn’t ready for his style of melding hip hop and sport.  I wasn’t sure I liked it and at times, I found it corny.  But, once I got with the program, watching him became a prerequisite for my daily sports intake.

The tributes to Scott are pouring in.  ESPN crafted a truly beautiful tribute, narrated by Robin Roberts.  The NFL Sunday Countdown crew, all clearly shaken, took time this morning to speak about “Stu” and his impact on their lives.  

On social media,  my timeline quickly flooded with sadness, disbelief and gratitude. Media outlets like Black Enterprise, BET, CNN, and the NFL Network sent tweets, as did many pro sports franchises. Rich Eisen, Chris Webber, Russell Simmons, and other celebs have also acknowledged Scott, often referring to him as a “mentor” and “role model.”

Scott’s last tweet was November 14th.  On, November 11th, via his verified account, he refuted rumors that he was under hospice care. I believe him. It seems like something he would have refused.  A fighter until the end.

Rest in peace, sir.

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