Lorenzen Wright murder case subject of TV One crime show

Lorenzen Wright

Celebrity Crime Files examines the unsolved murder of Lorenzen Wright

TV One’s Celebrity Crime Files shed light on the unsolved murder case of former NBA player, Lorenzen Wright, at the request of Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion.

Marion, who revealed earlier this year that she is battling ovarian cancer, vows to live the rest of days in pursuit of the identity of her son’s murderer(s).

Lorenzen Wright was reported missing by his family on July 22, 2010, after not being heard from for several days. He was last seen by his ex-wife, Sherra Wright, leaving her home on July 18th, 2010.

An investigation revealed that nine days passed from the time an emergency call was made from Wright’s phone until his body was discovered (by gardeners), and by that time the crime scene was depleted of any significant evidence that could have helped solve the case.

Initially, people looked at Sherra Wright with suspicious eyes, but “Crime Files” notes that there is no evidence connecting her to her ex-husband’s disappearance or murder and that she is not a person of interest.

A major question posed during the episode, and all along since the release of the 911 call, is why the two police departments involved failed to investigate immediately when the sound of gunshots were clearly heard on the tapes.

The most heart-breaking parts of the episode are Ms. Marion’s tearful accounts of the events that led to his disappearance and the eventual discovery of his remains.

It is most disturbing that a high profile person’s murder can go this long without being solved. It wreaks of the “don’t snitch” culture that haunts black and brown communities. At some point that needs to stop.

Wright’s parents, his sister, and surely his children deserve better.

This case seems to be cold, but maybe TV One’s coverage will appeal to the heartstrings of those who know what happened.

Anyone with information on Lorenzen’s murder should call the Memphis Police Department at 901-528-2274.

In related news, a settlement was reached in a $2 million civil lawsuit that was filed by Wright’s mother, his father, Herbert Wright, and Sherra Wright. News of the surprising settlement and indications of family discord can be read HERE.

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