Shooting spree suspect is former Dallas Mavericks dancer

Dallas Mavericks

Former Dallas Mavericks dancer allegedly responsible for deadly shooting spree

In what appears to be a domestic tragedy, a former dancer for the Dallas Mavericks all male dance team, the ManiAAcs, is suspected of going on a deadly rampage that has left four people dead, and another four wounded.

According to police, 44-year-old Erbie Bowser, also known as “E-Luv,” walked into a Dallas area home last night and shot four people, including children, and his ex-girlfriend. Two female victims in the house were killed.

Bowser later drove to the home of his ex-wife, where he reportedly threw an explosive device inside, waited for it to detonate, then entered and shot four more people, also including children. Two women in that house were killed.

The kicker is that Bowser attempted to fool police into thinking he was one of the victim’s once they forcefully entered the second house.

Bowser is in custody, but has yet to be charged with any crime, pending further investigation.

Sad, indeed.


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