Derrick Rose is oblivious to your criticism

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose says he didn’t know folks were mad

While the angry and disenchanted are spending their time criticizing Derrick Rose for sitting on the bench during the Chicago Bulls’ current playoff run, HE is focused on his health and supporting his teammates.

He says he didn’t know y’all were out here talkin’ so recklessly about him.

That’s my first time hearing about it,” Rose said Saturday of the critical fan contingent. “I barely turn on the TV. I’m with my son all day. So that’s about it.

“I’m feeling about the same, still being patient, still trying to take care of my body and just trying to enjoy this time and cheer on my teammates.

On the notion that the Bulls organization, his brother Reggie or others are influencing his decisions…

Who said that? If anything, it’s up to me,” Rose said. “My brother and them can’t tell me what to do with my body. They give me control. I’m in control of the whole process. It’s really all on me.

On his teammates support after criticism from TNT’s Steve Kerr

“It’s cool, man. It gives me some comfort,” Rose said of his internal support. “They see how hard I’m working in the gym, just putting my all into the game and sacrificing a lot of stuff to be a better player. Whenever I come back, I know I’m going to be way, way better. Just having that time to relax and be patient and fully heal, that’s the big picture right now.”

Again, if your jaws are tight because Mr. Rose is taking his time to return to basketball and the Bulls, this should let you know that your whining is of no use.

Also, its a little disrespectful to the guys that are on the court, putting in work through injuries and illnesses, to extend the season. Focus your energy on them.

Game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets is tonight at 8 ET on TNT. Get your life.

Chicago Tribune

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