Derrick Rose subject of hostile open letter from CBS Chicago

Derrick Rose

CBS Chicago gives fans a forum to go in on Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose has made it expressly clear that he will return to basketball and the Chicago Bulls when HE feels he is ready.

Yet, calls for him to “man up” and “get off the bench” and suit up are becoming increasingly common. The hostility behind it increasing too.

CBS Chicago posted an “Open Letter to Derrick Rose” where it gave fans a chance to sound off on the Bulls star point guard, about their feelings on his absence.

included are a mixture of opinions, of which some are supportive of his decision to sit out…

Don’t let the peps bring you down. You just make sure you’re at 100% next year, because I believe you are the answer to stealing LeBron’s championship goals. There is no need to put yourself in a war in these playoffs because you have not played one game this year. F*** all the Haters!!!! Do what you have to do.
– Ricky, Fort Worth

…while others are downright ignorant and out of line.

How does it actually feel to watch the rest of your team hobble down the court while you wear a suit and tie you silly little b****. Man up.
– Brandon, Chicago

I’d tell you to remain on the bench in the 2nd Round b/c Nasty Nate & Captain Kirk have more heart than you ever will, but I don’t even want to see your stupid face there in your $10,000 suit anymore. Ban Reggie as well.
– Mark, Tinley Park

Go f*** yourself. We don’t need you.
– Tom, Chicago

Its understandable that Bulls/Rose fans want to see him play again. I do too, but at what cost? He is the franchise player. He is the cornerstone, and if you wish to have him lead the team to championship glory in the years ahead, be patient.

Essentially, all the trash talk, name calling and berating of Rose (and his brother, Reggie) will not make him come back any sooner. This is an irresponsible attempt by the media to fuel fire.

If the Bulls advance to Round 2, and Derrick decides to lace ’em up against the Miami Heat, and they get bounced, will he be blamed?

Calm yourselves.


  1. don

    I am surprised, although not really surprised by the negative onslaught shown towards Derrick Rose. I do understand why some Bulls fans and NBA fans in general are wanting to see Rose in uniform (it seems most are using Knicks Shumpert’s injury as a measuring stick). But if Rose doesn’t feel as if he’s ready to play, then I don’t see how such uncertainty can possibly translate well during the course of an intense playoff game/series.

    Apparently, those are the fans who could care less if Rose suffers another (possibly career-ending) injury.

    1. ELove


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