GAME OVER: Kordell Stewart files surprise divorce from Porsha Stewart

Kordell Stewart

Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from reality tv start wife, Porscha Stewart

After less than two years of marriage, Kordell Stewart has decided to call it quits with wife, Porsha (née WIlliams) Stewart.

Porsha is a cast member on the ever popular reality tv series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is her first season on the show, which depicted her as a the young, bubbly “trophy wife” of Stewart, a former NFL QB, and current sports radio personality in Atlanta.

In the filing, Stewart claims the union is “irretrievably broken.” This means they have reached, in his estimation, the point of no return. Game over. Exit stage left. Holla back.

Unfortunately, Porsha was made aware of Kordell’s filing through the media and was totally caught off guard.

It looks like the couple was living separately, but Porsha was willing to work things out.

I can’t say I saw this coming, but there’s a risk to the stability of your home life when you throw a dash of reality tv. Also, questions of Kordell’s sexuality have plagued him for years, even when he was playing football.

Porsca seems like a really sweet woman, albeit a bit naive. Hopefully she won’t be naive when it comes time to set herself up for her future behind this divorce. On second thought, I hope she set herself up for her future before they said, “I do.”

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