Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada social media feud par for the course

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson uses twitter to allude to Evelyn Lozada being a cheater and opportunist

What happens in a marriage stays within a marriage, right?

What happens, though, when the marriage is finished and the veil of bliss and love is lifted?

Mayhem and hot garbage, that’s what.

Stiletto Jill shed light on the Twitter battle that erupted Wednesday when NFL expatriate, Chad Johnson, and his ex-wife’s publicist, Danika Berry shared a few “niceties.”

Buckle up for this ride.

Chad’s followers were seemingly adding fuel to the fire…


Evelyn’s stans jumped to Ms. Berry’s defense…
Chad Johnson

So, Evelyn eventually put in her two cents via Instagram
Evelyn Lozada

Then, Ev’s daughter, Shaniece, came with the funk…

And, then she added insult to injury…

All the tweets are not presented here (again, you can see those HERE), but its a mess, right?

The reason I am not surprised by any of this, is because I never believed in the sincerity of their relationship from the beginning.

Which of them, Chad or Evelyn, was supposed to benefit most from their union?

What seemed like a grand plan to partner for financial gain backfired, Chad lost his career behind domestic violence, and we have yet to see if he will ever get it back (the talk of a second chance with the Houston Texans is just talk until a contract is drawn up and the ink is dry).

Evelyn took a hit to her shaky reputation, but her clock of 15 minutes continues to tick (Basketball Wives is returning for another season and she has garnered some endorsement deals). Face it, she’s a hustler, good or bad.

We should not have expected this outburst (we should never expect poor behavior), but no one should be in any way surprised.

Jay-Z gave fair warning when he blessed us with Allure. His words say it all.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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