Derrick Rose not opposed to sitting out until next season

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose could wait until next season to play

When Derrick Rose said he “wouldn’t mind missing this year”, Wednesday, in Boston, it was music to my ears.

I can search my tweets and find several instances where I share in his sentiment.

He’s doesn’t feel ready to come back (the leg isn’t quite right) and none of his fans want to see a half-baked D Rose on the court. No one wants him to take an unnecessary chance on returning to the Bulls only to have a relapse of some sort. Un uh. It ain’t worth it. We want a healthy “Pooh.”

When rose went down last April with an ACL tear, for many, the world stopped. For him, HIS world began all over again with the healing of his body, heart and mind, and include the birth of his son, P.J., and a new an improved Derrick has emerged.

Applause is on order for the young prince of the South Side for being mature enough to understand what’s at stake (his, and kudos to Chicago Bulls brass for “falling back” and allowing him all the time he needs.

Rose said,

It’s really on me to make a decision when I’m going to play again. So that’s cool that they left it up to me,” he said. “That’s the last thing I’m thinking about, coming back too soon. I know it’s all on me. I’ve just got to make a decision when I’m ready.

That’s right, Derrick. Do you. We’ll wait.



  1. don

    Yeah, after seeing RGIII seemingly play until the wheels fell off in the playoffs and currently witnessing Iman Shumpert look absolutely nothing like himself on the court, I encourage whatever athlete to return ONLY when they feel like they are ready to go.

    I wonder if Bulls brass privately share his sentiments.

    1. Rob

      I think they do, Don. D Rose is the golden child and youth is still on his side. A return for him this season is not necessary. The Bulls are looking good for a playoff spot and have shown themselves able to sustain a winning record in his absence.

      Basically, the panic button can remain in Reinsdorf’s desk drawer.

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