Torn ACL for PG Rajon Rondo, season over

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo suffers torn ACL

The Boston Celtics suffered a major blow, Sunday, when it was revealed during their matchup against the Miami Heat, that star point guard Rajon Rondo had a torn ACL and would be out for the remainder of season.

The injury occurred Friday during the Celtics game against the Atlanta Hawks which is why Rondo did not appear in Sunday afternoon’s game.

Rondo was slated to appear as a starter in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston, Texas next month.

Rajon is a tough player, but this injury will certainly test his mettle.

Perhaps he will seek advice and solace in Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. They have more in common now, than ever.

Rondo is in his seventh season in the NBA.


  1. Don

    As you know I’m a diehard Knick fan and don’t care for the Celtics, but Rondo is one player whose game I enjoy. Hate to see him fall to injury. And it might signal the end for Rondo, KG, Pierce trio if Rondo doesn’t return til around the All-Star break next season. 

    Also, there is a young player on your Bulls team whose defense I love. Jimmy Butler.

    1. TheLadyGM

      Yes, we are likely to see the end of that trio in Boston. Doc is painting a rosy outlook, but lets be honest, this is business and they are an aging bunch.
      As for Jimmy Butler, he has been a wonderful surprise! I can’t wait to see how he develops over the next couple of seasons.
      R.S. Young/The Lady GM
      Blog Mistress, Ballertainment.com
      Twitter: @Ballertainment

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